Custom Platform for Insurance

Insurance solutions are increasingly becoming more accessible and functional to organisations around the world.


Our client is one of the leading insurance providers in Thailand with offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. The client’s insurance offerings include life, medical & general insurance products. The client serves around 1.2 million customers.

Client:  NInsuranSol.

Services: Product Design

Industry:  Fintech


The data and overall functionality are synchronized across the global servers, so we had to ensure everything is working as it should. Multiple users are logging in at the same time globally, so multi-user support has been provided.

Our client envisaged launching a new experiential website that could be used for engaging site visitors by providing informative content based on their interests. Apart from allowing for easy addition of articles; news and event information, the new website required implementing a customer journey that involved enquiring about the user’s interest in insurance products and capturing of the demographic data to assess insurance needs. The user data captured on the website had to be sent over to the CRM application for further analysis and retargeting of customers.

The client wanted an in-depth insurance area customization option available for the users through the website, allowing them to choose the suitable one amongst others.


Virtualization is one of the energy-efficient technologies being used in this project. This technology allows HHC to drastically reduce the server footprint corporatewide, which reduces the overall consumption of energy for power and cooling and provides ongoing savings. This is a very green technology. In addition, the data center build uses industry best practices such as hot and cold aisles, cold locks and rack blanking panels to improve overall cooling efficiency and keep power costs down.

We look for smart, curious, capable people with skill, passion and integrity. We trust them and give them the space to act, succeed and learn from mistakes. We support them in their endeavors to grow and develop, and help them to achieve both individually and, more importantly, within their team.

We value truthfulness and integrity, openness and transparency, the ability to admit when one is wrong, and the courage it takes to be completely honest. We prize both giving and receiving respectful, constructive and encouraging feedback.

“Data center consolidation is one of the most fundamental ways HHC will be able to lower costs of IT operations without compromising our ability to adopt advanced technology and progressive applications that support quality patient care and improve patient safety,” said HHC President Alan Aviles. “By concentrating technology resources into the larger facilities we will be able to operate a more reliable data transmission system that is not only cost-efficient but robust enough to support rapidly changing technology demands for many years to come.”


“Information technology's mission is to support the needs of our users: clinicians and other staff at HHC. Our systems must be flexible enough to adapt to their demands while at the same time provide them with the data they need as rapidly as possible in a secure environment,” said Bert Robles, HHC senior vice president of information technology and corporate chief information officer.

“Consolidating our operations into two data centers allows us to better manage our overall IT environment with new comprehensive monitoring and management tools, reduce duplicate systems across the corporation, and reduce power consumption with the adoption of the latest technologies in this area.”

With the consolidated effort of the Infrastructure Services, Clinical Information Services, Service Management and Project Management Office, Information Technology Services was able to complete this project within a two-year time frame. The Corporate Data Center Consolidation Project has helped HHC achieve one of its corporate strategic goals, which is to improve patient safety, clinical effectiveness, efficiency, and enable the delivery of improved value to all customers.


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